In the area

In the area

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Near Saint-Caprais

The Allier is a beautiful department located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The department is characterized by beautiful nature, historic towns and impressive castles. You can do and experience all kinds of things. Thus, you should definitely take a look at the capital Moulins. In the city you can find nice museums, churches and restaurants. The towns of Charroux, Montluçon and Vichy are also very worthwhile. You can hike and bike in the Montagne Bourbonnaise and you can enjoy kayaking on the river Allier. In short, Allier is the perfect destination for a fun vacation. Check out the best sights in Allier




At 5 minutes from our house is the small medieval town of Hérisson certified as one of the most beautiful towns of the Auvergne/Allier, a former castle fortified place of the Bourbons, erected on the edge of the Aumance River that meanders through the village surrounded by hiking trails and photogenic spots. The ruins of the Feudal castle is the major tourist -free‖ attraction. But in the town itself, with gates and houses from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries and the peaceful banks of the Aumance, hikers and lovers of picturesque spots are sure to appreciate.

In the month of July, the village hosts the festival of mixed arts where you can enjoy theater, music, photography, puppetry, painting and more.


Ruïne Hérisson

Forêt Domaniale de Soulongis

The Forest of Soulongis is located in the commune of Saint-Caprais and a stone’s throw from our house. It has an area of about 375 ha. It consists mainly of Oak and Beech trees, but the Lily of the Valley is also very popular there, as well as the Trumpets of Death and many other mushrooms. In addition, there are many species of birds. Nice to take a nice walk nearby anyway.

Plan d'Eau de Vieure in Vieure

20 minutes from Saint-Caprais is the Lake of Vieure. A beautiful large recreational lake where you can swim, surf, rent pedal boats, canoe and kayak, paddle and hike.

Forêt de Tronçais.

Saint-Caprais is located in the “Pays de Tronçais.” From our grounds you can see the Forêt de Tronçais in the distance.

A forest with a history of more than 300 years, 10,600 hectares in size and it is located at least 205 meters above sea level. It consists mainly of sessile oaks and is among one of the most beautiful tall oak forests in Europe.

There is a favorite place for numerous animals such as deer, roe deer, tawny owls, buzzards, wild boars and pygmy eagles.

The forest is home to five different lakes of which the Lake of Saint Bonnet-Tronçais is a recreational center where you can swim, paddle boats, where there are water slides, but tennis and fishing are also among the possibilities here.

The forest of Tronçais is an oasis of calm, but also extremely suitable for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, cycling, geocaching or spotting the beautiful animals.

In the fall, enthusiasts can even mushroom or listen to the roaring.

Street Art City

Just over half an hour (25 kilometers to be exact) from Saint-Caprais is “Street Art City. Unique, unavoidable, breathtaking. You walk past a hundred monumental murals and 5000m2 of interior spaces with exhibitions and galleries. A unique experience! Please note the opening days and times.
Open from May 18 through November 1, 2023.


Is the first major town in the area a half-hour drive from the accommodation. It is a former medieval town with a historic center, old half-timbered houses, winding streets and the castle of the Dukes of Bourbon.

Walking through Montluçon, you will pass squares and medieval alleyways dotted with notable monuments, such as the Notre Dame Church, the House of the Twelve Apostles, the Doyenné passage, and the Saint Pierre Church. Founded in the 11th and 12th centuries, this church houses a magnificent statue of Saint Mary Magdalene. Not far from here stretches a pleasant park, the Wilson Park, ideal for resting and enjoying the beautiful French garden beds. The MUPOP museum is also a must visit. Every two years in July becomes a medieval festival.

Abbaye Noirlac

A half-hour drive away, in the town of Saint-Amand-Montrond – where there is also a statue of Jacques Brel – is: Abbaye Noirlac.

The Abbey of Noirlac is considered one of the most beautiful monasteries in France. It has sober architecture and has been beautifully renovated. The monastery is open all year round and well worth a visit!

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